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Resource links

Post by frank » Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:59 am

This area will include resource links to other sites. We cannot take responsibility for the content or information provided by these site but we include the info here as it may be of interest to others.

I would like to thank Piet Verbruggen for these first links to start this off:

FV-1 based unit with LCD display: - Basic info in Polish - PDF

Simpler unit: - Basic info in Polish - PDF of full article with schematic

Leslie effect (I think, don't speak German) with schematic and PCB:

Piet's own design for using the OCT SKRM-C8 boards, he includes Eagle schematic and PCB files for his board:
This is an updated link, Piet is including lots of info about the project across many pages so this link is just a starting point for his site.
Frank Thomson
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