;XOVER and response compensation for powered loudspeaker ;Crossover for 2-way system ;Mono input, HF and LF outputs ;24dB/oct crossover (Linkwitz-Riley) ;Tweeter delay in ~1/4" increments (Fs=48KHz) ;7 band parametric EQ for speaker matching ;Shelving low pass for bass boosting ;Equations for setting EQ bands: ;kp(x) = peak/dip; range from -1 (inf notch) to +1.9999 (+6dB) ;kf(x) = sqrt((4*kts)/(1+(kt/q)+kts)) ;kq(x) = (1-(kt/q)+kts)/(1+(kt/q)+kts) ;kg(x) = (kt/q)/(1+(kt/q)+kts) ;where: ;kt=tan(pi*f/Fs) ;kts=kt^2 ;f=center frequency ;Fs=sample rate ;q=Q of filter peak mem del1 1000 ;tweeter delay, floating point storage mem del2 1000 ;tweeter delay, FP error storage equ lf1a reg0 ;reg for low freq XOVER equ lf1b reg1 ;reg for low freq XOVER equ lf2a reg2 ;reg for low freq XOVER equ lf2b reg3 ;reg for low freq XOVER (output) equ hf1a reg4 ;reg for high freq XOVER equ hf1b reg5 ;reg for high freq XOVER equ hf2a reg6 ;reg for high freq XOVER equ hf2b reg7 ;reg for high freq XOVER equ temp reg8 ;reg high freq XOVER output and temp store equ delout reg9 ;reg for tweeter delay output equ eqin reg10 ;mono input signal to EQ section equ b1a reg11 equ b1b reg12 equ b2a reg13 equ b2b reg14 equ b3a reg15 equ b3b reg16 equ b4a reg17 equ b4b reg18 equ b5a reg19 equ b5b reg20 equ b6a reg21 equ b6b reg22 equ b7a reg23 equ b7b reg24 equ loext reg25 ;extend low end with shelving low pass ;standard system setup variables: equ del 0 ;samples of delay in tweeter path equ kfl 0.48 ;XOVER low freq equ kql 0.5 ;XOVER low q equ kfh 0.6 ;XOVER high freq equ kqh 0.85 ;XOVER high q equ kflext 0.01 ;bass extension frequency equ kshext -0.5 ;bass extension shelf ;custom EQ variables: equ ampl 1.0 ;woofer amplitude equ amph 1.0 ;tweeter amplitude ;EQ params will depend on driver set. equ kf1 0 ;band frequency equ kq1 0 ;band Q equ kp1 0 ;band peak (+6dB max), dip (-inf) equ kg1 0 equ kf2 0 equ kq2 0 equ kp2 0 equ kg2 0 equ kf3 0 equ kq3 0 equ kp3 0 equ kg3 0 equ kf4 0 equ kq4 0 equ kp4 0 equ kg4 0 equ kf5 0 equ kq5 0 equ kp5 0 equ kg5 0 equ kf6 0 equ kq6 0 equ kp6 0 equ kg6 0 equ kf7 0 equ kq7 0 equ kp7 0 equ kg7 0 ;sum inputs to temp register: rdax adcr,0.5 rdax adcl,0.5 wrax eqin,0 ;Equalizer to correct amplitude variations. ;input to filter bank is in toeq, output will be input ;plus fractions of each band filter: ;EQ band 1: rdax eqin,kg1 rdax b1b,-kf1 rdax b1a,1 wrax temp,kq1 rdax eqin,kg1 wrax b1a,0 rdax temp,kf1 rdax b1b,1 wrax b1b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp1 wrax eqin,kg2 rdax b2b,-kf2 rdax b2a,1 wrax temp,kq2 rdax eqin,kg2 wrax b2a,0 rdax temp,kf2 rdax b2b,1 wrax b2b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp2 wrax eqin,kg3 rdax b3b,-kf3 rdax b3a,1 wrax temp,kq3 rdax eqin,kg3 wrax b3a,0 rdax temp,kf3 rdax b3b,1 wrax b3b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp3 wrax eqin,kg4 rdax b4b,-kf4 rdax b4a,1 wrax temp,kq4 rdax eqin,kg4 wrax b4a,0 rdax temp,kf4 rdax b4b,1 wrax b4b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp4 wrax eqin,kg5 rdax b5b,-kf5 rdax b5a,1 wrax temp,kq5 rdax eqin,kg5 wrax b5a,0 rdax temp,kf5 rdax b5b,1 wrax b5b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp5 wrax eqin,kg6 rdax b6b,-kf6 rdax b6a,1 wrax temp,kq6 rdax eqin,kg6 wrax b6a,0 rdax temp,kf6 rdax b6b,1 wrax b6b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp6 wrax eqin,kg7 rdax b7b,-kf7 rdax b7a,1 wrax temp,kq7 rdax eqin,kg7 wrax b7a,0 rdax temp,kf7 rdax b7b,1 wrax b7b,0 rdax eqin,1 rdax temp,kp7 wrax eqin,1 ;keep value in accumulator ;write to delay (for tweeter) and get delayed output: wra del1,1 ;write fp value to del1 rda del1,-1 ;subtract FP value from real value wra del2,0 ;write error value to del2 rda del1+del,1 ;read delayed FP value rda del2+del,1 ;add delayed error value wrax delout,0 ;wrtie value to delay output register. ;do crossover, 24dB Linkwitz-Riley alignment ;Low pass filter for woofer: rdax lf1a,kfl rdax lf1b,1 wrax lf1b,-kfl rdax lf1a,kql rdax eqin,0.05 wrax lf1a,0 rdax lf2a,kfl rdax lf2b,1 wrax lf2b,-kfl rdax lf2a,kql rdax lf1b,1 wrax lf2a,0 ;high pass filter for tweeter: rdax hf1a,kfh rdax hf1b,1 wrax hf1b,1 rdax delout,0.25 rdax hf1a,kqh wrax delout,1 sof -kfh,0 rdax hf1a,1 wrax hf1a,0 rdax hf2a,kfh rdax hf2b,1 wrax hf2b,1 rdax delout,0.3 rdax hf2a,kqh wrax delout,1 sof -kfh,0 rdax hf2a,1 wrax hf2a,0 ;take outputs from crossover: rdax lf2b,-2 rdfx loext,kflext ;bass extension shelving filter wrlx loext,kshext ;shelf sof -2,0 sof ampl,0 ;scale woofer amplitude wrax dacl,0 ;output woofer through left channel rdax delout,-2 sof -2,0 sof amph,0 ;scale tweeter amplitude wrax dacr,0 ;output tweeter through right channel 综合久久—本道中文字幕,欧美AV专区一中文字-日本伦中文字幕免费eeuss-欧美日韩精品一区二在线,国内自拍视频二区,国产高清在线观看91最新