;dance patchfor disco mixers: ;pot1 = Reverb to infinite RT, scales in and out levels ;pot2 = High pass filter (2 pole peaking, 8 ocatves) ;pot3 = Low pass filter (2 pole peaking, 8 ocatves) ;filters are great for actively modifying program material; ;reveb can capture tonality for filter manipulation. ;beware, infinite reverb turns off input! equ krt reg0 equ kin reg1 equ kmix reg2 equ hpal reg3 equ hpbl reg4 equ lpal reg5 equ lpbl reg6 equ hpar reg7 equ hpbr reg8 equ lpar reg9 equ lpbr reg10 equ kfh reg11 equ kfl reg12 equ temp reg13 equ rmixl reg14 equ rmixr reg15 equ hpoutl reg16 equ hpoutr reg17 equ hbyp reg18 equ lbyp reg19 mem ap1 202 mem ap2 541 mem ap3 1157 mem ap4 1903 mem dap1a 2204 mem dap1b 3301 mem del1 4456 mem dap2a 3532 mem dap2b 3201 mem del2 6325 equ kap 0.6 equ kql -0.2 equ kqh -0.2 ;prepare pots to affect control variables: ;pot0 controls reverb time, but also affects input drive level; ;reveb time is moderate up to about mid position, then increases ;to infinity (or nearly) at full position. ;input drive is constant, but decreases at the full pot0 position. ;output mix is varied over the first half of pot0, then remains ;high to the end of pot0's range. rdax pot0,1.999 ;get pot0, clip the upper half of pot0's range. wrax kmix,0 ;write the output mix value rdax pot0,-1 ;get pot0 again, 0 to -1 sof 1,0.999 ;now +1 to 0 sof 1.999,0 ;now +1 until midpint, then decreases to 0 wrax kin,0 ;write the input attenuator value rdax pot0,1 ;get pot0 again wrax krt,1 ;save in krt, keep in ACC sof 1,-0.5 ;subtract 1/2 skp gez,2 ;skp if pot is in upper half of range sof 0,0.5 ;load accumulator with +0.5 wrax krt,0 ;overwrite if pot is in lower half of range ;now prepare pot1 for HP sweeping. ;both frequency controls are exponential, and frequency increases ;with clockwise pot rotation. Target Kf ranges are from .001 to 1.0 clr rdax pot1,1 ;get pot1 sof 0.5,-0.5 ;ranges -0.5 to 0 exp 1,0 wrax kfh,0 ;write to HP filter control rdax pot2,1 ;get pot2 sof 0.5,-0.5 ;ranges -0.5 to 0 exp 1,0 wrax kfl,0 ;write to LP filter control ;now derive filter bypass functions (at open conditions) rdax pot1,-1 sof 1,0.999 ;ranges +1 to 0 wrax temp,1 mulx temp mulx temp wrax hbyp,0 rdax pot2,1 ;read pot2 (LP) again mulx pot2 mulx pot2 mulx pot2 wrax lbyp,0 ;now do reverb, simple, twin loop, mono drive: rdax adcl,0.25 rdax adcr,0.25 ;get inputs, leave headroom mulx kin ;scale by input attenuator rda ap1#,kap ;4 all passes: wrap ap1,-kap rda ap2#,kap wrap ap2,-kap rda ap3#,kap wrap ap3,-kap rda ap4#,kap wrap ap4,-kap wrax temp,0 ;write ap output to temp reg rda del2#,1 mulx krt rdax temp,1 rda dap1a#,kap wrap dap1a,-kap rda dap1b#,kap wrap dap1b,-kap wra del1,0 rda del1#,1 mulx krt rdax temp,1 rda dap2a#,kap wrap dap2a,-kap rda dap2b#,kap wrap dap2b,-kap wra del2,0 ;now mix the inputs with the reverb: rdax adcl,-1 rda del1,1.5 mulx pot0 rdax adcl,1 wrax rmixl,0 rdax adcr,-1 rda del2,1.5 mulx pot0 rdax adcr,1 wrax rmixr,0 ;Reverb outputs are at rmixl and rmixr. ;now do two filters, start with the high pass, stereo. ;use the reveb mix for inputs, cascade the filter banks. rdax hpal,1 mulx kfh rdax hpbl,1 wrax hpbl,-1 rdax hpal,kqh rdax rmixl,1 wrax hpoutl,1 ;HP output mulx kfh rdax hpal,1 wrax hpal,0 rdax hpar,1 mulx kfh rdax hpbr,1 wrax hpbr,-1 rdax hpar,kqh rdax rmixr,1 wrax hpoutr,1 ;HP output mulx kfh rdax hpar,1 wrax hpar,0 ;bypass if pot1 is fully counterclockwise: rdax hpoutl,-1 rdax rmixl,1 mulx hbyp rdax hpoutl,1 wrax hpoutl,0 rdax hpoutr,-1 rdax rmixr,1 mulx hbyp rdax hpoutr,1 wrax hpoutr,0 ;now do cascaded low pass: rdax lpal,1 mulx kfl rdax lpbl,1 wrax lpbl,-1 rdax lpal,kql rdax hpoutl,1 mulx kfl rdax lpal,1 wrax lpal,0 rdax lpar,1 mulx kfl rdax lpbr,1 wrax lpbr,-1 rdax lpar,kql rdax hpoutr,1 mulx kfl rdax lpar,1 wrax lpar,0 rdax lpbl,-1 rdax hpoutl,1 mulx lbyp rdax lpbl,1 wrax dacl,0 rdax lpbr,-1 rdax hpoutr,1 mulx lbyp rdax lpbr,1 wrax dacr,0 综合久久—本道中文字幕,欧美AV专区一中文字-日本伦中文字幕免费eeuss-欧美日韩精品一区二在线,国内自拍视频二区,国产高清在线观看91最新