;Key change and reverb program for karaoke applications. ;Music (mono) in on left channel (perhaps from vocal remover) ;Microphone in on right channel ;outputs are stereo reverb and synthesized stereo music. ;pot0 controls key ;pot1 controls reverb amount ;pot2 controls reverb time mem pdel 4096 ;Key change delay mem dtemp 1 ;temporary DRAM data location mem ap1 1156 ;declare reverb input all-passes mem ap2 1278 mem ap3 543 mem ap4 871 mem dap1 2983 ;declare loop APs and delays mem del1 3678 mem dap2 2345 mem del2 2903 mem dap3 1883 mem del3 4878 mem dap4 2345 mem del4 2203 mem sdel 1000 ;stereo synth delay equ krt reg0 equ loop reg1 equ apout reg2 equ slout reg3 equ srout reg4 ;constants: equ kap 0.625 ;PROGRAM: skp RUN,3 wldr rmp0,0,2048 ;Load up ramp LFO for key shift wlds sin0,50,50 ;load chorus generators for reverb wlds sin1,34,60 rdax adcl,1 ;read music input wra pdel,0 ;write to delay start cho rda,rmp0,reg|compc,pdel ;(1-k)*sample[addr] cho rda,rmp0,0,pdel+1 ;k*sample[addr+1] + ACC wra dtemp,0 ;Save it off to memory and clear ACC cho rda,rmp0,rptr2|compc,pdel ;(1-k)*sample[addr+ half ramp] cho rda,rmp0,rptr2,pdel+1 ;k*sample[addr+ half ramp + 1] + ACC cho sof, rmp0,na|compc,0 ;Result in ACC, multiply it by (1-XFADE) coefficient cho rda,rmp0,na,dtemp ;Add in earlier value saved in memory, multiply saved value by XFADE coefficient wra sdel,0 ;Write it to stereo delay and clear ACC rdax pot0,1.0 ;get pot 0 (key control) sof 0.25,-0.125 ;scale for reasonable pitch range wrax rmp0_rate,0 ;write to rate of lfo2, clear accumulator ;now do reverb on microphone (right input): ;prepare pot2 for reverb time: rdax pot2,1 sof 0.4,0.4 ;ranges 0.4 to 0.8 wrax krt,0 ;do input all passes, bring in signal down 12dB to allow headroom: rdax adcr,0.25 rda ap1#,kap wrap ap1,-kap rda ap2#,kap wrap ap2,-kap rda ap3#,kap wrap ap3,-kap rda ap4#,kap wrap ap4,-kap wrax apout,1 ;save all pass result in apout and pass on ;now do reverb loop: rdax loop,1 rda dap1#,kap wrap dap1,-kap wra del1,0 rda del1#,1 mulx krt rdax apout,1 rda dap2#,kap wrap dap2,-kap wra del2,0 rda del2#,1 mulx krt rdax apout,1 rda dap3#,kap wrap dap3,-kap wra del3,0 rda del3#,1 mulx krt rdax apout,1 rda dap4#,kap wrap dap4,-kap wra del4,0 rda del4#,1 mulx krt wrax loop,0 ;reverb outputs are at del1 and del3 ;now synthesize stereo from music program with delays: rda sdel,1 rda sdel#,1 wrax slout,0 rda sdel,1 rda sdel#,-1 wrax srout,0 ;now combine input and reverb signals: rda del1,1.99 ;read reverb output sof 1.999,0 ;recover gain mulx pot1 ;reverb amount mulx pot1 ;square function rdax slout,1 ;add in pseudo-stereo program rdax adcr,1 ;add vocal (dry) wrax dacr,0 ;write to left channel rda del3,1.99 ;read reverb output sof 1.999,0 ;recover gain mulx pot1 ;reverb amount mulx pot1 ;square function rdax srout,1 ;add in pseudo-stereo program rdax adcr,1 ;add vocal (dry) wrax dacl,0 ;write to left channel ;now smooth reverb with chorus: cho rda,sin0,reg|compc,del2+32 cho rda,sin0,0,del2+33 wra del2+64,0 cho rda,sin0,cos|compc,del4+32 cho rda,sin0,cos,del4+33 wra del4+64,0 cho rda,sin1,compc,del3+32 cho rda,sin1,0,del3+33 wra del3+64,0 cho rda,sin1,cos|compc,del1+32 cho rda,sin1,cos,del1+33 wra del1+64,0 综合久久—本道中文字幕,欧美AV专区一中文字-日本伦中文字幕免费eeuss-欧美日韩精品一区二在线,国内自拍视频二区,国产高清在线观看91最新