;plate reverb, lush (large), stereo ;characterized by very high density, ;explosive initial sound, large ;pot0 = reverb time ;pot1 = lf loss ;pot2 = hf loss mem api1l 224 ;left input all passes mem api2l 430 mem api3l 856 mem api4l 1089 mem api1r 156 ;right input all passes mem api2r 530 mem api3r 956 mem api4r 1289 mem apd1 2301 ;loop all passes mem apd2 2902 mem apd3 3171 mem apd4 2401 mem del1 3620 ;loop delays mem del2 4591 mem del3 4387 mem del4 3679 equ temp reg0 equ krt reg1 equ ksh reg2 equ ksl reg3 equ lap reg4 equ rap reg5 equ hp1 reg6 equ hp2 reg7 equ hp3 reg8 equ hp4 reg9 equ lp1 reg10 equ lp2 reg11 equ lp3 reg12 equ lp4 reg13 equ lup reg14 equ kapi 0.6 ;input AP coefficients equ kap 0.6 ;loop AP coefficients equ kfl 0.8 ;loop filter LPF freq equ kfh 0.02 ;loop filter HPF freq ;now derive control coefficients from pots: rdax pot0,1 log 0.5,0 exp 1,0 ;square root pot0 sof 0.6,0.3 ;ranges 0.3 to 0.9 wrax krt,0 ;write for later use rdax pot1,1 ;control low freq loss (high pass filter) sof 1,-0.999 ;make from -1 to 0 wrax ksh,0 ;high pass shelf rdax pot2,1 ;control high freq loss (low pass filter) sof 1,-0.999 ;make from -1 to 0 wrax ksl,0 ;low pass shelf ;now do input all passes, leave headroom: rdax adcl,0.25 rda api1l#,kapi wrap api1l,-kapi rda api2l#,kapi wrap api2l,-kapi rda api3l#,kapi wrap api3l,-kapi rda api4l#,kapi wrap api4l,-kapi wrax lap,0 rdax adcr,0.25 rda api1r#,kapi wrap api1r,-kapi rda api2r#,kapi wrap api2r,-kapi rda api3r#,kapi wrap api3r,-kapi rda api4r#,kapi wrap api4r,-kapi wrax rap,1 ;all passed inputs in place, now process the loop, with filtering: rdax lup,1 ;get signal from end of loop rda apd1#,kap wrap apd1,-kap ;do loop all pass wra del1,0 ;write delay rda del1#,1 ;read delay wrax temp,1 ;save in temp reg rdfx hp1,kfh ;do low pass filter wrlx hp1,-1 ;infinite shelf LPF mulx ksh ;prepare to subtract from temp rdax temp,1 ;subtract LPF from input (becomes HPF) wrax temp,1 ;save in temp reg rdfx lp1,kfl ;do high pass filter wrhx lp1,-1 ;infinite shelf HPF mulx ksl ;prepare to subtract from temp rdax temp,1 ;subtract HP signal from input (LPF shelf) mulx krt ;scale by reverb time ;continue to next stage of loop rdax lap,1 rda apd2#,kap wrap apd2,-kap wra del2,0 rda del2#,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx hp2,kfh wrlx hp2,-1 mulx ksh rdax temp,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx lp2,kfl wrhx lp2,-1 mulx ksl rdax temp,1 mulx krt rdax rap,1 rda apd3#,kap wrap apd3,-kap wra del3,0 rda del3#,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx hp3,kfh wrlx hp3,-1 mulx ksh rdax temp,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx lp3,kfl wrhx lp3,-1 mulx ksl rdax temp,1 mulx krt rdax lap,1 rda apd4#,kap wrap apd4,-kap wra del4,0 rda del4#,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx hp4,kfh wrlx hp4,-1 mulx ksh rdax temp,1 wrax temp,1 rdfx lp4,kfl wrhx lp4,-1 mulx ksl rdax temp,1 mulx krt wrax lup,0 ;now gather outputs from loop delays: rda del1+201,0.8 rda del2+1345,0.7 rda del3+897,0.6 rda del4+1780,0.5 wrax dacl,0 rda del1+1201,0.8 rda del2+145,0.7 rda del3+487,0.6 rda del4+780,0.5 wrax dacr,0 ;now generate a pair of LFOs to modulate the APs in the loop: skp run,2 wlds 0,12,37 wlds 1,15,33 ;now affect each delay: cho rda,sin0,reg|sin|compc,apd1+40 cho rda,sin0,sin,apd1+41 wra apd1+80,0 cho rda,sin0,cos|compc,apd2+40 cho rda,sin0,cos,apd2+41 wra apd2+80,0 cho rda,sin1,reg|sin|compc,apd3+40 cho rda,sin0,sin,apd3+41 wra apd3+80,0 cho rda,sin1,cos|compc,apd4+40 cho rda,sin0,cos,apd4+41 wra apd4+80,0综合久久—本道中文字幕,欧美AV专区一中文字-日本伦中文字幕免费eeuss-欧美日韩精品一区二在线,国内自拍视频二区,国产高清在线观看91最新